Convenient and complete care for your pets
Convenient and complete care for your pets

We needed quite a lot of architectural assistance, to fit everything we wanted into a relatively small space. The fitting out is pretty much "Hospital Standard", everything is easy to clean, including custom flooring and moulded skirting. Extractor fans allow clean air to circulate whilst preventing small patient escape.

Our waiting room is relatively small, but if we'd made it large and luxurious, we wouldn't expect it to be filled with happy customers, enjoying their wait. If I go to the Doctors or Dentist, I don't like to be kept waiting. It is difficult in a healthcare service to know how much time to allow for appointments, and there are always unexpected emergencies that need to be fitted in, but generally speaking if you make appointment times realistic, you've got a better chance of keeping up.

Behind the reception area, we run 2 consulting rooms, the largest one doubles up as an x-ray suite. We have relatively large preparation area, with tub-table, separate operating theatre, as well as lab/library/dispensary, kennel area and store-room.

The photo above illustrates our sparkling clean prep room where "dirty" surgeries can be performed. Separate from this we have the operating theatre, that is reserved for "clean" procedures. The decor is sparse as is standard with op theatres- it's more difficult to clean if it's cluttered. Suffice it to say, that its' got a sparkling stainless steel operating table, and a somewhat expensive surgical light. I'd show you a photo of it, but I don't to contaminate it unnecessarily.

We are located at:


At Home Veterinary Service Ltd

St.Mary's Veterinary Surgery
5 St.Mary's Way


B77 3EY

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