Convenient and complete care for your pets
Convenient and complete care for your pets

For general enquiries, or to book an appointment,

Telephone 01827 52677.

Out of hours arrangements

Outside surgery hours, phoning the above number will give you the contact details of our emergency cover.

Please do not phone the "Emergency" Vet unless you think your pet needs to be seen. We don't mind giving advice during the day, but having to chat out-of-hours might distract us from treating a genuine emergency.

Clients of other practices should always phone their own practice,

or that practice's preferred "out of hours" provider (even if it happens to be situated in Solihull!). It's not realistic (or even remotely fair ) to expect our small practice to provide emergency cover for the other local practices. If you are unhappy with your current practice's out of ours arrangements, then please discuss it with them- not me! Especially not "out of hours"!!!

Whilst we try to provide 24/7 emergency cover using our own vets, there will be a very few occasions when it's not possible. If we're unavailable then we'll have arranged emergency cover at Pool House Veterinary Hospital in Lichfield.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, emergencies are always best seen at a surgery, and Pool House "provide on-site 24 hour patient care and an emergency service at our Lichfield hospital. Should your pets require overnight hospitalisation or emergency treatment, you can be assured that they will be looked after by our own team of vets and nurses. We never leave your pets on their own, day or night, giving you that extra peace of mind."If you've got problems with transport, they should be able to provide you with numbers of pet friendly taxis, and even dedicated pet ambulance services to get you there.

Contact details

As you might have gathered from this website, we're not really at the forefront of the multi-media age. There's no online sales or appointment booking facility. Please don't even think about sending me an e-mail about your budgies laboured breathing - by the time I read it, it'll probably be too late- Phoning us is always the quickest way to get our attention.

For non-urgent enquiries, our practice e-mail address is

Our postal address is

At Home Veterinary Services Ltd, 5 St.Mary's Way, Tamworth, Staffs, B77 3EY




We are located at:


At Home Veterinary Service Ltd

St.Mary's Veterinary Surgery
5 St.Mary's Way


B77 3EY

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


01827 52677



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