Convenient and complete care for your pets
Convenient and complete care for your pets

Welcome to St. Mary's Vets in Tamworth

Tel (01827) 52677


St Mary's was opened in Summer 2004. Whilst we continue to run the popular "At Home" service, having our own premises enables us to see more pets in a day, and to be able to manage our own surgical cases.

It's situated in St.Mary's Way, in suburban Tamworth. Whilst we don't get many drive past customers, the location does enable our clients to be able to reach us easily, avoiding the traffic congestion and parking restrictions of a central location.

Being situated
in a residential area gives us the added advantage of living accomodation above the surgery.


Revised opening hours from May 26th 2020*

Reception is open from 8am to 4pm** 6.30pm  Weekdays, and 8.30am to 11am Saturday.

Surgery times are 9-4pm** and 4-6.30pm Weekdays, and 9-11am Saturday.

An appointment system helps to minimize waiting times.


* In line with coronavirus legislation we've streamlined our hours to reflect the reduced workload. We'd prefer you to contact us during these hours, but still offer an "out of hours" service when that's not possible.


** We will generally be here until 4pm, but may stay later depending on demand


Reverting to normal opening hours from Tuesday 26th May?


We had been successfully managing a reduced workload with fewer staff and shorter hours, but it has been becoming more difficult lately to safely space out the appointments.

With this in mind, we'll be bringing the staff back from their early "Summer Holidays" and reverting to more typical hours again.

We won't be doing any "cosmetic" procedures (eg. nail clipping or teeth cleaning), but will be happy to help our regular clients and their pets with any treatments where the welfare benefit is obvious.


Home visits will still be problematic, and we won't be able to help any clients of other practices whose "lockdown" policies are more stringent. To any "coronavirus call around clients", If your vet won't do it, please don't even phone us, because we won't either!


We will only consider registering "new clients" who are genuinely new to the area. 



*** Coronavirus Caution ***


In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are following the latest government advice to protect our clients and employees.

At present our practice remains open for cases- where significant delay might have welfare implications, and collection of vital supplies (food and medication etc.) We are, however, putting a few additional safety precautions into place.

We would ask that anyone showing symptoms does not to come into the practice.

We offer a phone/video consultation service for clients who prefer not to travel to the practice. Please contact the reception team to discuss suitable platforms (eg. Phone, or any of those fancy apps you might have), appointment slots and payment options.


To reduce the potential of transmission between asymptomatic carriers:

  • Only one family member should attend appointments with your pets. Anyone else should remain at home or in your car, if appropriate.

  • The waiting room door will be locked, and we're operating a "one in, one out" policy.
  • We currently encourage card payment rather than cash to help maintain high hygiene standards in our practice.

  • We're used to dealing with infectious/contagious disease, so we have plenty of disinfectant, and handwashing facilities. You'd be best to bring your own hand-gel though because the panic buyers have beaten us to it!


(Signed- The Management, 24th March 2020

Updated15th May

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