Convenient and complete care for your pets
Convenient and complete care for your pets

Veterinary Surgeons

Guy Smith B.Vet.Med., MRCVS (Principal)

"Top dog", that's me in the middle (with the broad smile and the halo- obviously!) . I've now started my 5th Decade on this planet, and it's quite a while since anyone said I look too young to be a vet. With over 20 years of experience "In Practice", I may be approaching the peak of my powers.

That peak is not quite as high as I'd envisaged when I set up on my own 13 years ago, but as you'll note from the lack of sarcastic comments, and any traces of bitterness in my writing, I'm content with my place in the grand scheme of things.

I'm following the career that I've chosen, and I'm happy with my role as a general practitioner, in our small, family run practice. It's a pleasant working environment, with friendly staff, a lot of regular clients, and for the most part, appreciative patients.


If I could change anything about my role, it would be to spend less time "on call". However, in a caring profession, you can't just abandon your patients at the end of the day (Doctors take note), and whilst I can continue to find vets who'll "do their duty", we'll keep providing our own emergency cover.


Alistair Wilson, BVMS, MRCVS

I'd promised a big name signing in the January transfer window, but this one's not just big in name.

Alistair "Augustus" Wilson is the latest Golden Ticket winner to join Willie and the Oompa Loompas.

Since he last left us in 2008, he's grown older and wiser (and perhaps ever so slightly larger). He's nurtured an interest in surgery, and now has an insatiable appetite for..... veterinary work. Whilst "pulling his own weight" would be impossible, Alistair is more than managing it metaphorically. Importantly he shares my view of veterinary vocation, and is keen to share the "out of hours" work.

The only thing he's relatively light on is experience. Having qualified a mere 10 years ago, he reduces the average experience of the vets in the practice to just over 15 years. To disguise his greenness, he's studying for some sort of post graduate qualification. This will enable him to sit amongst the 5% (and I'm not saying top!) of vets who seek such validation.

If I were to feel insecure about my level of qualification, there's now an easier way to confuse the public... 

"Veterinary surgeons in the UK have been given permission to use the courtesy title ‘Doctor’, following a decision made by RCVS Council yesterday (5 March 2015)"

I mentioned it at a talk for local Beavers (6-8 year olds) this week, and I think they were quite impressed!


Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs)

Gemma and Kelly(-Marie) are home grown registered veterinary nurses. They provide a high standard of care and, having been with us virtually since we opened, help provide continuity within the practice.


(Gemma is currently "enjoying" maternity leave- and if she doesn't enjoy it too much, we hope she'll be back.)


Jennie is the new "Gen" of RVN that we've once again developed in house- and just in case we haven't yet achieved perfection, new model "Emma" is in the pipeline.

Practice Manager


Louisa Smith B.A.(Hons)

With her Politics degree, Louisa will be familiar with the term "Just about managing".

Hope that "Hons" bit hasn't got anything to do with homeopathy

Beauty and the Beast



We've lost some older receptionists since I last updated, but Fred still soldiers on despite his cancer scare.

He doesn't really like us to mention it, but he had a malignant splenic haemangiosarcoma removed in October 2014, and the "so-called" experts said he may only have weeks to live! 

Next generation

Hannah Smith is away from the practice, 8 years into her 18 year sabbatical to become a vet. You might catch her in the school holidays though working on reception.


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