Convenient and complete care for your pets
Convenient and complete care for your pets

We'd like to think of ourselves as a General Practice. We try to provide the best treatment for the majority of medical and surgical cases that come through the door, but we realise that there are areas where "Specialists" will have more expertise and experience.

If your animal would benefit from a referral to a specialist, then we can arrange it, but in the majority of cases, we can sort things out in-house.

Vaccination - Still an important part of preventative healthcare, and until these diseases are eradicated, it will remain so. We're open-minded on vaccination intervals, but tend to follow latest data sheet recommendations.

Neutering - My own dogs and cats are neutered, and we generally agree with BSAVA guidelines, that all except breeding animals are neutered, for both managemental and health reasons.

Microchipping - At £20.00 a time, it makes sense to have dogs and cats microchipped. "Painless" is misleading, but it's no more painful than an injection, and if it helps reunite a lost pet with it's owner, then it's priceless.

Preventative medicine

"2014 was a bumper year for fleas!"

"2015 is likely to continue the same way"

(is it really that long since I updated the website?)

"2016/17 has been another warm winter"

For whatever reason (I'm guessing that it was more probably the warmer temperatures rather than the frequent opportunities for swimming), it seems to have been a good Winter for fleas. We're already seeing more flea problems than I would expect at this time of year. If untreated, or just teased with "Dr Marten's * ", those fleas will have babies, then their babies will have babies, and towards the end of summer their numbers will peak.

We see plenty of pets with parasite problems where owners have already spent quite a lot of money on ineffective products. All the best modern treatments are "Prescription only" which means that we can only prescribe them for pets under our care, and manufacturers are restricted in their advertising. Almost every month a new anti-parasite product is launched which claims to offer an advantage over its predecessor. We stock most of them, and we'll be able to prescribe the most suitable one for your pet, (rather than the best one for our corporate discount scheme).

* a combination of the names of 2 placebo producers, which brings an inward smile behind my grumpy exterior when I hear it from clients. I'm amused because a Doc Marten would actually be a more effective way of killing fleas.

Laboratory - We have our own in-house laboratory where we can analyse blood, urine and skin samples while you wait. By also using an outside laboratory, we can offer the full range of diagnostic tests, and tap into the expertise of their histopathologists. Since they introduced an overnight courier service we are sending more samples to the lab.

Radiography - We have a modern High Frequency machine and Automatic developer. We get reliable results in minutes.

Ultrasound - Our portable ultrasound scanner with variable frequency probe is particularly helpful for pregnancy diagnosis and soft-tissue imaging.

Laser -  The salesman promised reduced pain, reduced bleeding, reduced swelling & infection, and quicker recovery after surgery. Some of this may be true.

Surgery - We perform a wide range of operations, from routine neutering and dental procedures, through to quite specialist soft-tissue surgery and orthopaedics. We have a separate "clean" theatre to minimize the risks of post operative infections.

Anaesthesia - Anaesthetists are impressed that we use a Humphrey ADE machine (good, but expensive) for all our procedures. We have trained personnel to manually monitor anaesthesia and keep a check on the expensive machines that go bleep, (Nonin pulse oximeter and capnograph).

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests are an option, and we'll recommend them if we think it relevant. We routinely use the most modern (expensive again I'm afraid) induction agents, to ensure a smooth and rapid recovery from the anaesthetic.

Infusion pump - If you're pet has the misfortune to have to stay in hospital on an intravenous drip, then I'm sure he/she'll appreciate that attached to othe other end of the drip is an £800 machine that tends to go bleep.

Pet Passports - Both of our vets are qualified LVIs and can issue pet passports.

Since 2012, when the blood test requirement was been removed from the Pet travel Scheme. It's now easier and cheaper to take your pet abroad. Click logo for latest regulations

On the downside it means that we're more likely to get rabies, and a range of tick-borne protozoal diseases introduced into this country.

Diet - We don't want to become a pet shop and don't have the space to stock a full range of foods, but through our wholesalers, we can obtain most "Prescription" and Veterinary diets by next day delivery, at competetive prices.

Homeopathy - It's OK to use a placebo when there's no effective treatment, but please don't tell me that your pet has had a "homeopathic vaccine". I've only ever seen 2 cases of infectious canine hepatitis. One was in an unvaccinated dog, the other had had a "homeopathic vaccine".

Homeopathic wormers are more amusing. (If it wasn't basically just water, how would it know whether to kill the worm or the dog?) . A client told me that she routinely uses homeopathic wormer, and has never seen a worm. That doesn't really suprise me. You only tend to see the worms when they've been killed by wormer and then come out of the dog.

Acupuncture - Slightly more open minded on this one. I can understand that sticking a series of needles into a living creature might have an effect. Maybe I should do a weekend course, and become an expert.

Referral - We're not tied to any particular referral practice, and we can refer to whoever we would think most suitable for you and your pets circumstances.

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